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The Infernal Noise Brigade

02.03 & 02.04.2006 Reservoir - Choreographer/performer/film-maker Jessie Smith and her dance company, Dead Bird Movement, present the debut production of Reservoir, a night of new works including two dance films, Rivet/Rivulet and In Memory of Corrosion, and a new live dance/music performance entitled Craning at Consolidated Works. INB set caps off the night's program, keeping the dance vibe going. Seattle, WA
02.03.2006 Lo-Fi with Filastine and DJ Karo - The not-so-pacific Northwest meets the Dirty South as INB tests the floorboards during a jam-packed show featuring fellow traveler/genre-saboteur Filastine and the N'Awlins-based electrofunkrap mashup purveyor DJ Karo. Flyer
01.27.2006 Afropunk Screening -INB rocks as credits roll following a screening of James Spooner's trailblazing DIY documentary Afropunk at ArtWorks Gallery. Seattle, WA Flyer
10.15.2005 The INB joins a multitude of sound artists in an abandoned train tunnel near Stevens Pass. Our beloved Filastine! puts out a set of subterranean earphonics that covers the southern hemisphere via his corporate laptop before returning to his luddite roots and, ditching the mouse, joins the INB batteria for a night of thunderous stupid making. Photo Gallery
10.01.2005 Degenerate Art Ensemble Fundraiser at Consolidated Works. The INB joined The Degenerates, the Seattle School, Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling, Aerialistas, and more. Seattle, WA, USA Photo Gallery
09.30.2005 INB operatives perform a surprise serenade for an unsuspecting birthday boy outside the De-Luxe Bar and Grill; this performance was donated as an auction item to raise funds for local hunger relief agency Northwest Harvest. Seattle, WA
The INB embarks on a grand tour of Europe, stopping in for a brief visit to the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, before running roughshod over the continent. Download flyer. Various countries, Europe
05.07.2005 A Fool & His Money - INB Fundraiser, Flyer Seattle, WA, USA
04.30.2005 Circus Contraption Strip Joint II at ConWorks Seattle, WA, USA
03.18.2005 INB 7" (L'Entincelle/Mangera) Release Party - Sharply dressed bandmembers with animal heads heat things up to capacity at The Comet. Band pulls folks outside to impromptu street party ending with police dispersal of a joyous crowd. Seattle, WA, USA Flyer Photo Gallery
03.08.2005 INB is the celebrity guest for Big Wheel Bingo Seattle, WA, USA
02.26.2005 Pike Market Daycare Center Benefit at Capitol Hill Arts Center - INB is warily welcomed back to the CHAC for first time since ill-fated Waging Peace fiasco, to help raise funds for PMDC. Flyer Seattle, WA, USA
02.18.2005 Former UN Weapons Inspector for Iraq, Scott Ritter, warms up a packed Capitol Theater crowd long enough for the INB to storm in and take the audience to Olympia streets. Ends with impromptu performance for striking Pizza Time workers. Olympia, WA, USA
02.08.2005 Maple Lane Detention Center - INB is somehow invited to entertain young criminal offenders, predictably ending in the corruption of some sensitive young minds. Centralia, WA, USA
01.20.2005 Inauguration Day Funeral March in Seattle. Band conducts a New Orleans/Sicilian styled funeral march, snarling traffic behind a snail's paced 1975 stretch Caddy hearse before being shunted by dozens of police cruisers and bike cops. Seattle, WA, USA
01.17.2005 Martin Luther King Day March - Long rainy march from central district to downtown. The spirit of this great man keeps everyone moving. Seattle, WA, USA
12.06.2004 Jello Biafra preaches to the converted at Evergreen State College, warming the crowd at length before INB overtakes the night, shifting things outside for a rainy performance amidst rainforestlike environ. Olympia, WA, USA Photo Gallery
11.02.2004 Election Night - Seattle. INB attempts to enliven cry-in-your-beer crowds at numerous Capitol Hill watering holes, including the East Precinct before being threatened with arrest on this ultimately depressing night which further confirms that this country is broken beyond repair. Seattle, WA, USA
10.29.2004 Circus Contraption's Halloween Blowout. All-out revelry at Sand Point with Circus Contraption & the Circus Contraption Band. Seattle, WA, USA Photo Gallery
08.25.2004 - 09.04.2004 INB, with a cadre of like-minded locals, is a hit on the streets of NYC for the Republican National Convention; arrests ensue. One band member's memoirs of the events are available here. New York City, NY, USA Photo Gallery
07.10.2004 "High on the Hog," The Infernal Country Fair. Fundraiser and CD Release party for Vamos a la Playa - Direct from the Streets of Cancun, Mexico, the new CD by the INB. Event also features Tractor Sex Fatality, The Gov't Issue Orchestra, Cabaret con Carne, & Hearteater, as well as a peepshow, the Infernal Flaming BBQ, booths, contests, prizes, and other diversions. Seattle, WA, USA Photo Gallery
11.01.2003 Infernal Fiesta - cd release party Flyer 1 Flyer 2 Seattle, WA, USA
09.14.2003 - 09.09.2003 INB vs. WTO, mark II. Cancun, Mexico Photo Gallery
07.26.2003 "Infernal 3: A Night of Chance." Fundraising event, in collaboration with Degenerate Art Ensemble and Circus Contraption. Proceeds enable band to attend WTO in Cancun the following September. Flyer Seattle, WA, USA
06.02.2003 LEIU - action against the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit Conference Seattle, WA, USA Photo
12.31.2002 "Conspiracy 2003" - New Years Eve street action. Seattle, WA, USA Photo Gallery
12.07.2002 At the FUNC, the INB crashes ¡TchKunG!'s last show, inspiring the crowd to burn GW in effigy with Molotov cocktails. Not satisfied with the destruction of America's current puppet president, the crowd moves on to destroy the neighborhood's Homeland Security cruiser. Fremont residents are rumored to still be cowering behind locked doors. Seattle, WA, USA
11.16.2002 Wobbly-style hoodlummery at the WoW hall, complete with naked punk rock boxing matches at the after party! Eugene, OR, USA
11.15.2002 The INB smashes a few things up at various locations, including the Medicine Hat. Portland, OR, USA
11.08.2002 Appearance with ¡TchKunG! Olympia, WA, USA
11.02.2002 Pandemonium with ¡TchKunG! at the club I-Spy, including free-falling fans! Seattle, WA, USA
11.01.2002 All-ages revelry with ¡TchKunG! and Rube Wadell at the Redmond Firehouse. Redmond, WA, USA
10.31.2002 INB plays an un-permitted march through downtown Portland in solidarity with FTAA related actions in Ecuador. Portland, OR, USA
09.14.2002 INB plays for the National Association of Broadcasters and a gaggle of Cheesecake Factory victims and then proceeds to start a brawl at the Waging Peace Festival. Still high on their own fascistic bravado, the Infernalistas proceed to Capitol Hill and invade every bar on the strip. Seattle, WA, USA
09.02.2002 - 08.27.2002 Burning Man. Black Rock City, NV, USA
05.23.2002 05.22.2002 INB envoys lead spontaneous drum batteries through Mitte to Alexanderplatz and Schlossplatz amongst sizable anti-Bush demo. Fulminates into fire, barricades, skirmish, and arrest for some. Berlin, Germany
05.19.2002 INB envoys train, arm, and coordinate surrogates for the most inclement Karneval der Kulturen in memory. Hedonism prevails over the incessant downpour. Berlin, Germany
05.01.2002 04.27.2002 INB envoys participate in Big Bang! radical marching band convergence hosted by Front Musical d'Intervention. Collides with anti-Le Pen demo's, culminating in a May Day of staggering proportions. Paris, France
01.06.2002 Playtime with GW. Portland, OR, USA Photo Gallery
01.01.2002 - 12.31.2001 Yet another evening of fun celebrating the New Year with the Seattle PD. Seattle, WA, USA Photo Gallery
11.30.2001 INB storms downtown Seattle all over again. Seattle, WA, USA Photo Gallery
10.31.2001 To assuage the public's growing fear of the spread of anthrax, INB dons haz-mat suits, mobilizes via step van and deploys throughout Seattle on this unholy of holidays, paying visits to festive gatherings... culminating at last call for the Rendezvous, venerable institution loved by all walks of life... INB enraptures drunken souls with one last performance within those hallowed walls. Crowd spills into backalley for prolonged fulfillment. R.I.P. Rendezvous. Seattle, WA, USA
10.20.2001 INB's first CD, "Insurgent Selections for Battery and Voice," is released to the public with much rejoicing! Currently out of print
09.04.2001 - 08.27.2001 Burning Man. Black Rock City, NV, USA
07.07.2001 INB crashes a gathering of artistes at the Minor Avenue Warehouse just moments after their radio debut on local public radio station KEXP. Seattle, WA, USA
06.24.2001 INB marches with Gwar in the Gay Pride Parade and wins the grand prize. Seattle, WA, USA
06.09.2001 Bicycle Rodeo. Taos, NM, USA
05.01.2001 INB raids various corporate outlet stores and injects the spirit of chaos into an otherwise bland leftist rally during the May Day parade. Portland, OR, USA Photo Gallery
04.25.2001 - 04.18.2001 INB operatives travel to and form an impromptu sonic insurrection unit to aid protests there against the FTAA, while Seattle operatives hold an auction in Westlake Park, selling everything from the Amazonian rain forests to Chinese slave labor to the highest bidder. Quebec City, Canada
12.31.2000 New Years street insurrection II. Seattle, WA, USA Photo Gallery
11.30.2000 World Trade Organization summit Day of Remembrance. Seattle, WA, USA
09.27.2000 - 09.25.2000 IMF / World Bank summit. Prague, Czech Republic Photo Gallery
09.03.2000 - 08.24.2000 Burning Man. Black Rock City, NV, USA
06.10.2000 Havoc aboard the Kalakala. Seattle, WA, USA
06.03.2000 Yuppie insurrection, downtown. Seattle, WA, USA
05.01.2000 May Day parade. San Francisco, CA, USA
12.31.1999 News Years street insurrection. Seattle, WA, USA
12.11.1999 Cop Pride Rally. Seattle, WA, USA
11.30.1999 INB debuts in the streets at the World Trade Organization summit. Seattle, WA, USA
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