"Injuries are mounting; ambulances wail. Seattle's Infernal Noise Brigade drowns the sound of concussion grenades with their drums."
"The Promise of Prague," Village Voice, 10/04/00

"The idea is to create an experience ... the result, I think, is not only liberating for the band, but also something more raw for the audience, something truly interactive."
"Monoliths and Manifestoes: The Infernal Noise Brigade Makes Protest Fun," The Stranger, 01/11/01

"The virgin experience of the Infernal Noise Brigade in action can be adrenaline boggling. The music explodes the senses like a thunderstorm."
Clamor magazine, 05/01

"At first I imagine that the band is marching up the street, that they're going to march through this room, past the bar, over the couches--you never know how the INB is going to make an entrance--but then the walls begin to rattle. I feel the drums. They've entered from the back. They're in the next room. Between me and the next room is a sea of Germans. German sardines. . . . The singer, who is black and queer and has a commanding presence, and whose instrument is a megaphone, holds his megaphone up to a microphone and lets out a beautiful, atavistic wail. There is a pause, a second of saturnine nothingness, and then a thundering beat. The crowd loses it."
"Enduring Freedom: Marching through Europe with the Infernal Noise Brigade," The Stranger, 09/04/05

"Protest group of the day: The Infernal Noise Brigade."
"Cancun Diary," The Guardian, 09/12/03

"[The INB] shocked and awed as their black-and-green-uniformed members, sporting gas masks, passed through clouds of teargas thudding coordinated beats from Ibero-America, North Africa and the Balkans. At the IMF/World Bank meeting the following September in Prague, the INB constituted the battle cry of the ultras, the blue bloc, as they got medieval on the capitalist conspiracy and stormed the conference castle in neo-pagan rage."
"Bring the Noise: Impacting the Sonic Commons," LiP magazine, 04/21/04